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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I have a CRAZY stressful day tomorrow, so I plan on distracting myself with fic and bad TV. Real Housewives of NYC reunion is on so the bad TV is covered. I'm trying to find a fic called Choices (I think...) I have no idea what it is about or who it is by... but I feel like I liked it and I want to read it again. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

ETA: [info]michira_70 found it for me!

ETA2: I know this is the fic because I recognize the author's name... but I have zero memory of ever reading this before.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just finished up with all the Milestone fics and graphics and I seriously have no idea who wrote or made any of them! Any guesses?

Monday, May 31, 2010

6:57PM - Dropping in to say hi

Life has been insanely busy for me, but I finally had time today to sit down and write my fic for the milestones challenge. Not sure I like what I wrote yet, but I'm very excited to read all of the entries!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my raw/monogamy poll last weekend. I feel terrible that I haven't had time to respond to everyone. But I've read all of the comments and it gave me lots to think about at work this week while I should have been focused on other stuff :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

8:40PM - Indecisive

I honestly can't answer my own poll. Everytime I think I've decided... I change my mind.

5:05PM - Poll

WOW! It is so exciting to see all the activity in fandom this week! I can't wait to check out all of the Sunshine posts :)

So I've been thinking....

There is no doubt that this fandom loves when Brian and Justin fuck raw. And who can blame us!? What is hotter than Brian's come dripping out of Sunshine's ass?

But I'm wondering what you think is realistic (regardless of your personal preference) in a post 513 world? Personally I can easily accept either scenario - monogamy and raw fucking or the tricking and open relationship we see in canon. But if you had to choose only one option, what do you think? And if you really want to make my day, tell my why in the comments.

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Monogamous or not?

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17 (68.0%)

Boys on the side
8 (32.0%)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Free time to read fic... now what to read?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

3:58PM - Spammy today :)

I finally have a whole day free... well other than doing laundry and paying bills and cleaning a little. But still! Lots of free time. So I've been catching up on fandom and I was wondering what the hell I was going to write for the milestones challenge and then I found a few sentences I wrote down for it a few days ago when I was just about to fall asleep. I completely forgot that I already had an idea and even managed to write it down when I was half asleep. All my best ideas come to me when I'm half asleep :)

2:24PM - Ugh

I have to write a short bio of myself for my story that is being published at torquere press. I've been staring at a blank page for two hours. I hate stuff like this!

ETA: Finished! Let's just hope they don't change their mind about the story after reading it!

11:23AM - Bummed

I've been thinking about it for weeks and I'm really bummed, but I just don't have time to do the scavenger hunt. I had SO MUCH FUN last time! Hopefully I'll be able to live vicariously through all of you. If you haven't signed up yet you should go do it, you won't be sorry!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

6:18PM - Good Morning

I wrote PORN!

Thanks to the lovely [info]_alicesprings for the beta!

Good Morning )

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I'm so behind on comments at The Friending Party! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I will have time to catch up until this weekend :(

If you haven't stopped by yet... GO! It's never too late!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


The Friending Party is going on right now! If you haven't stopped by yet what are you waiting for? it's not too late! In fact, it's never too late :) And please pimp it around fandom!

I haven't really had much time to play yet, but I'm finally free today!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

8:46PM - Sorry - Repost

Written for the Toppy!Justin theme for the Amnesty Challenge at [info]bj_action.
Huge thanks to my beta [info]_alicesprings!

Sorry )

8:45PM - New Beginnings - Repost

New Beginnings
Opening line prompt: "Brian Kinney, I'd like you to meet Justin Taylor." Written for [info]qaf_challenges
Thank you to my beta [info]_alicespings!

New Beginnings )

8:44PM - Change of Plans - Repost

Change of Plans
Written for the Weather/Vacation Challenge at [info]qaf_challenges.
Special thanks to [info]_alicespings who went above and beyond, as always!

Change of Plans )

8:43PM - Moving Day - Repost

Moving Day
Written for the Sweat and Pheromones: A Brianite Ode to Beautiful Stinky!Brian theme for the ClusterFuck Challenge at [info]qaf_challenges.
Huge thanks to the wonderful [info]_alicesprings and my whole Stinky!Team!

Moving Day )

8:41PM - More Than Wanting - Repost

More Than Wanting
Written for the Yearning theme in the ClusterFuck Challenge at [info]qaf_challenges.
Thanks to my amazing beta, [info]_alicesprings!

More Than Wanting )

8:39PM - Want - Repost

Written for the Without Words theme at [info]bj_action.
Thanks to my lovely beta [info]_alicesprings!

Want )

8:38PM - Inspiration - Repost

This was written for the artist!Justin prompt at [info]qaf_prompts
Thanks to my beta and the prompter [info]_alicesprings!

Inspiration )

8:36PM - More Important - Repost

More Important
This was written for the Small Things Made Large Amnesty Challenge at [info]qaf_challenges.

It was inspired by the drabble I wrote for the first part of the challenge.

Special thanks to [info]noteverything for helping me shake this story loose from my brain! And thanks to my beta [info]_alicesprings, you're the best!

More Important )

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